She doesn’t like dark chocolate. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! Can you use all butter in the oreo icing rather then shortening? Funfetti Cake I made this in the Wilton rectangular layer cake pans and it was just slightly too much mixture, no spillage but big domes . I’ve never used that much whipping cream in my frosting before, 3-4 tablespoons should be plenty as long as the butter is properly whipped. But I’ve been quizzing him the last few nights, so now we are both ready for the test! Just finished making the cake, andwhile the cake part turned out perfectly, the icing had way too much shortning for us. My son wanted an "Oreo cake" for his 13th birthday so I tried this one. Thanks Heather! This is super delicious. But I do recommend serving cake at room temperature. If you could please help me with this, that would be great! A few questions, do you use a food processor to chop up the Oreos for the icing and also should the eggs be at room temperature? Hi, I only have unsalted butter for the frosting, because it didn’t specify what type of butter when I read the ingredients, but after reading the comments you said you used salted. Homemade from top to bottom, but still an easy dessert to tackle for any occasion. awesome, thank you! My favorite desserts are cheesecakes, cupcakes and a good soft sugar cookie. I really want to look at those questions and test myself. Quick question: Does this need refrigerated and if not does it hurt it if it is? Oreos have been one of my favorite cookies for probably forever. Want to make this chocolate cake as a sheet cake for my sons birthday. You can replace it with additional butter. I first made this cake when my twins … Either way is fine. Gimme all dat Oreo deliciousness! I’m so glad you enjoyed the cake! You could cut the recipe in half and make one layer. I’m never sure what the standard is in the U.S. . I found your recipe and I just wanted to thank you! Maybe that’s a dumb question, but based on your pictures it doesn’t look like the crumbs on the cake have any filling. I’m on the hunt for another one to make this weekend . Keyword: chocolate, chocolate oreo, oreo cookies, poke cake… (I used water instead of milk in the frosting.). An easy-to-make, creamy no-bake Oreo cheesecake filling sandwiched between rich, moist chocolate cake dripping with a milk chocolate ganache. Chocolate Oreo Poke Cake. Thanks! Spread 1/2 of the icing with the chopped Oreos on top in an even layer. So far this week i made this twice! turned out just like your picture…. It’s so easy, you don’t really need a mixer for the cake batter. I would love to hear the gluten free version if you don’t mind sharing it. how long would this take to make because i have a 2 hour food lesson. Your oreo cake says flour but is it plain flour or self raising flour. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12. I think the translation from cups to grams and fahrenheit to celsius never really works. It really brings out the chocolate flavor! 3. Also what to do about whipping cream? It wouldn’t be an Oreo without the filling. i want to make one layer cake .kindly give me the quantities of the ingredients. Just wanted to comment and say this was seriously the best cake I have ever made (and eaten!). 1 1/2 cups (336g) butter How could you adjust this for 8″ cake pans instead of 9″?? Can’t wait to try. my present challenge is that I made the buttercream and can’t find Oreo , I live in a French African country, can I used any other cookie I can find or must it be Oreo to get the result? I probably have only made like 5 cakes before. I wanted to make the buttercream in advance, however, so I started it this evening. I’ve tried so many chocolate cake recipes before and everyone is dry and dense. You can use a food processor. It’s a lower temperature than normal, but it’s correct. . 1 of 1 All Reviews Mark McGrath Rating: 5 stars 02/25/2019. Hello I’m Mexican and I don’t know what shortening is. I will never use another chocolate cake recipe again for a layer cake. Also, the twist here is that it’ll be making use of OREO cookies. Also , I have never really used shortening in my frostings before so I m a bit skeptical , if I use all butter , would that alter the taste ? Bout to preper this perfection to my birthday tomorrow – I used crisco. I have tried for the last two days. The shortening can be replaced with additional butter. I wish i could hav a big piece right now! First off, congrats to you guys! So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Preheat the oven to 350ºF and prepare three 6-inch or two 8-inch cake pans by spraying the sides … We do not get Hershey’s special dark cocoa in Australia. The cake recipe is super simple. Also, the cake came out looking a little flat so I’m not sure if I did it right. I think it makes just the right amount. Oh, and I did try to pipe it through my tip and bag, and it turned out to thick to pipe, so I just piped it out of the bag without a tip. Prepare three 8 inch cake pans with parchment paper circles in the bottom, and grease the sides. Making this for my sons birthday . THANK YOU!!!! I made this cake as a cake and as cupcakes and they were both delicious! Hi. The amount listed makes what’s shown in the photos though. I’m not exactly sure of the baking time if you do that though. Thanks. I have made this cake before and everyone loved it! Cut off the tip and work your way from the outside edge and into the middle. This just gives you a cleaner edge to work with when you’re applying your final layer of frosting. So if you do reduce the powdered sugar, you may need to also reduce the liquid so that your frosting doesn’t end up being too thin. This Chocolate Oreo Cake is every chocoholic's dream. I leave the filling in the oreos. 2. So moist and taste so goood! I’d try setting it for 32-35 minutes and then go up from there. Next mix in the sour cream and beat until well combined. 5 Oreos, chopped, optional, Read more at I do have a marble cake recipe though if you’d like to try it. Published: August 29, 2012 Last Updated: May 15, 2019 A cookies and cream delight [Photograph: Yvonne Ruperti] I’d love to know what changes you made for the gluten free version. I use all purpose flour and regular granulated sugar. I can’t say for sure yet, but I do think it would probably be OK. I’m not sure really about the bake time yet. But for me the frosting needed more oreos, it probably wouldn’t look as pretty but I think it would taste better. I find that my cakes tend to bake quickly on the outside and slowly on the inside and I have tried many techniques to keep this from happening but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. looks delicious ….cant wait to try it Decorate with halved cookies, remaining raspberries and reserved crumb mixture as I’m about to make this cake but I was wondering if I’m suppose to use a mixer or not? The cake itself is simply amazing, so moist and rich. Also, the twist here is that it’ll be making use of OREO cookies. 6inch pans should be fine, but I haven’t done it myself, so I don’t know what the adjustments for time would be and how much batter you’d need, I’m sorry. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! This cake is for celebrations and celebrations do not include nutrition facts. I will report it. I made a few modifications: 1 cup shortening to 2 cups butter for the frosting, and I couldn’t find dark cocoa so I used regular. I gained 8 kilo just by looking at this cake! stick? How would I make adjustments using 6 inch pans? The cake was quite sticky. I wouldn’t be able to say why you get a different result sometimes. Thanks! Because the batter is so thin, the chocolate and vanilla cake batter would just kind of mix together. I made this tonight and while we all loved the cake part the icing was way to sweet for us. Wow is the only i can possibly say. YUM! Stir until chocolate is completely melted. If so, what size would you recommend and cook time? But then again, I tried the cake very shortly after finishing it. Or should I go bigger? Excited to make it for my daughter’s birthday in a couple of weeks. Generally cakes do bake more quickly on the edges because of the contact with the hot pan. You are so versatile with your choice of flavors and varieties. I have this Strawberry Pound Cake (you could leave the strawberries out. I love your recipes ☺️. Definitely all natural cocoa would work just fine. Can it be used to make cupcakes, too? Thanks for the pin! Yes, you can. I made just the cake part as a trial before making the whole thing, my daughter and I finished it just on its own it was soo fudgy and yummy. I like to use a squeeze bottle for drizzling around the edges. If not, try using this. I made the same chocolate cake as a 9×13 here, if you’d like to reference that. I wouldn’t put it in the fridge. It’s a butter replacement. Sprinkle a few Oreo crumbs onto to the cake, if desired, then serve. I used 12 oz of softened cream cheese instead of the shortening. Please see my full disclosure policy for details. I just need to serve 4 people…. We had a vague idea of most answers, but probably still would’ve gotten them wrong. . Did get a dome though- does the lower temp help with that? I’m super excited to try this recipe for a friend’s birthday, thought I’m wondering if it can be made smaller using 6inch rounds instead of 9inch? Yes, all purpose flour. I’m sure hubby is going to do great though. This recipe is divine! This cake looks great! Thank you for following along! I only use 7 cups of powdered sugar plus the sugar from the cookies makes this icing so sweet. And I used all butter, no shortening. Isn’t that TOO much sugar? This Chocolate Oreo Cake has layers of moist, homemade chocolate cake filled with a creamy Oreo frosting and topped with more crushed Oreos and chocolate shavings. Add all dry ingredients to a large bowl and whisk together. They still came out amazing with these changes and I’d definitely recommend! Is two days too long in advance? I have made the boston cream pie cupcakes and it was a big hit too! Add water or milk until you get a smooth consistency. Perfect for any occasion! i dont have any access to buying hershey’s dark cocoa -.- annnnd might take 50-60mn for me to buy unsweetend cocoa powder.. hmm can i use dutch processed instead? The sugar in the cake is granulated sugar. And just wanted to comment for the beginners like me. Just wanted to know if there were a preference in using the darker non-stick cake pans vs lighter cake pans? For the frosting, I use salted. Do you use an electric mixer for the cake or mix by hand. I made this cake and it was absolutely amazing….thanx for such a great recipe…. Mine was the same and Ive just checked it at 35 minutes and its still liquid in the middle ive never added this much liquid to a cake mix it felt way too runny. I’d think at least 30 minutes. Great recipe . It’s all about the layers with this No-Bake Oreo Chocolate Mousse Pie. Yes, it’s fahrenheit. or until chocolate mixture is firm. Thank you! I do not have shortening, is there a substitute? That’s awesome! Is it ok to just use a prepackaged cake mix? I can’t wait to try this recipe. I made this for my husband’s bday since cookies and cream is his favorite. Set aside about 3 1/2 cups of icing for the filling inside the cake and add chopped Oreos, if using. Is this too much sweet or is this enough for this cake? This homemade chocolate cake is then topped with a cream cheese glaze and more Oreos! Easy chocolate Oreo cake recipe from scratch filled with Oreo buttercream frosting and topped off with chocolate ganache. . The cake looks very delicious, thank you for the recipe! Do you by chance have a pound cake recipe, if you do I would love to give it a try? I LOVE oreo’s and this looks delish! You can actually find that here. I chose this one as it looked amazing Coat outside of the Oreo cake with buttercream and smooth. Can use a new flower pot and add gummy worms for a “real” dirt cake. I would think whipped cream would be fine, but them you’d need to refrigerate the cake. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! This particular cake may not turn out quite right with baking powder, but you could try this chocolate cake, which uses a combination of the two. Reviews: Most Helpful Most Helpful Most Positive Least Positive Newest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. More sugar with give you a larger volume of icing and thickens the butter. Repeat with remaining ingredients. It was really good. How would you alter this for a 9×13 cake? This Oreo cake is amazing! Will the batter be okay? Other than the two teachers in the group, most of us had a tough time answering correctly. I love the crunchy Oreo bits in the frosting. That should help with piping, but even so, a frosting filled with something like cookie crumbs is going to be harder to pipe with a closed star tip. I’ve seen the new mega stuf ones, but haven’t tried them. However, when I halved the recipe the batter wasn’t too runny and the cakes are more firm and workable. Thank you in advance! Let’s face it, few cookies are better than Oreos, especially when you’ve just broken up with someone and are binge watching sad movies. You can certainly use all butter for the frosting. I love South Africa ,I go almost every 4 months.Congrats on your husband citizenship. QUICK QUESTION. You’re welcome. Thank you . I saved this recipe on my pinterest & I purchased all of the ingredients today… only to get home & Pinterest tell me it’s been removed & now I can’t find it on google. 18. When I click the link on Pinterest it tells me page not found. Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Pies, Oreo® Ice Cream Cake and Decorating Tutorial,,,,,,, Did you use Crisco or Hi Ratio Shortening? Awesome! cant wait to try out the Chocolate oreo cake over the weekend pray do tell me who clicks the pics and what app do you use to correct them and beautify them…thanks. Hi, this recipe looks amazing. You can find the cake recipe as chocolate cupcakes here. Thanks! This cake was delicious. And I’m not sure I understand #3, but you don’t need to separate the filling from the Oreos. Preheat the oven to 350. I made this cake a few months ago and it was the best cake I have ever made. Thank you again for another excellent recipe! But I am totally wishing him luck and I know he will KNOCK it out! My wife and I have already been considering options for other cakes using the chocolate cake recipe. Did you make this as a sheet cake? Three years ago my brother asked for an Oreo cake for his birthday. I did three 8 inch pans and the edges are thin, taller in the middle. I followed all the steps. I was wondering if this can be made into cupcakes, if so what baking time and temp would it be? Here is a chocolate poke cake just for Oreo lovers, and it’s easy too! My mom said it tasted like it was from a bakery I halved the frosting recipe and it was the perfect amount. It wasn’t too heavy, and tasted amazing. ???? It also gives you enough frosting so that nearly every bite has a little bit of cake and a little bit of frosting. Pipe the first layer of frosting, pipe in circles working outside edge to the middle. Comment Below! I have just scanned some recipes and find your pictures too stunning and drool worthy ! I want to make this on Thursday for my mother in laws birthday. And so fun to hear that you’ve been enjoying the blog and recipes – that’s awesome! Hi Lindsay! You can use 9 inch pans to make to layers, you just may need to adjust the baking time a bit. I so wanna bake this cake but would like to know if it will be ok if I reduced the powdered sugar for the frostinf to 600g-650??? Is there a specific butter cake you’re referring to? You could cut the frosting down though – maybe by half. I plan on making this over the weekend for a coworkers birthday. Can’t wait to bake it!! The best chocolate cake I’ve ever had it was SO moist! My layers are thinner as my pan is a little bigger than 9″ but I am sure the cake will be delicious no matter the size of the layers . I topped the cake with mini oros and a chocolate drizzle. Plus, pairing Oreos with chocolate cake is absolutely necessary. Mmmmmm. Can I bake one cake and cut into 3? Wish you were here, because the cake of yours are really really amazing! Place 1 cooled layer on a cake stand or large plate, Oreo cookie side down. The thick Oreo crust is filled with a quick chocolate mousse, followed by a layer of easy Oreo mousse and topped off with more chocolate and whipped cream. It’s so fantastic! Thanks Lavona! I have never had that happen before! Other than that this is the most delicious cake I have ever mad! I did the cupcakes at the same temperature and put them in for 25 minutes. I’m English, American recipes confuse me a little. You could try 1 1/2 recipes worth. I want to use whipped cream. Thank! Hi I want to make this cake for my brothers birthday but my mum doesn’t want it to be too sugary so if I reduced the sugar to around 300g will that make the batter too small. Hi Michelle- with this recipe, you can make easily make a 4 layer cake using your 6 inch pans. I’m trying to determine how far in advance I can make this and the cookie pieces still have a bit of crunch to them. Mix the flour, sugar and cocoa together. I am currently making cupcakes with the cake part and can’t wait until they are cool enough to frost and eat! 1. Hi! There is literally an entire package of Oreos in this cake. God! My brother’s birthday is right around the corner. Can this recipe be used for cupcakes, too? Fingers crossed for your husband on his citizenship test!!! This delectable treat is no less than a delight to the O-RE-O-HO-LICs. It was republished on 09/05/2019 with new recipe tips and photographs. What can I use instead? My fav tips to take your BTW the cake is amazing and always a hit!! is it cake flour or all purpose flour? And for the icing, salted or unsalted butter? Test the cake for doneness by inserting a toothpick into the center of the cake. I made a white chocolate buttercream frosting with oreo crumbles. I want to make this cake for a birthday party happening Saturday night, but I am busy most of Friday and Saturday. i want to try this but can i use dutch processed cocoa (bensdorp)? I know, I said it. It’s a little bigger than Wilton 2D. In the frosting it’s powdered sugar. I hope your brother enjoys it! This post may contain affiliate sales links. This cake would make me very, very happy. Thanks again!!! and powdered suger is 8 cups? I am wanting to make this again, for only one person, though. I’m so glad you enjoyed the cake! I haven’t tried it, but they are quite different. I hope you enjoy it! One of my Dad’s work colleagues had their last day recently, and I wanted to bake something special as they have been one of my taste testers, and she’s so lovely… so I went for a Drip Cake. I have made the chocolate cake as a 9×13 and it works great. In a blender, mix the Oreos until finely crushed. I wanted to respond because I’ve found I’ve had to Google many similar items since moving from the US to Canada. . 1 1/2 cups (284g) shortening If you I cut back on the powder sugar. There’s no way I’d be able to pass the test if I had to take it. Chocolate Oreo Bundt Cake – Soft and moist chocolate bundt cake stuffed with Oreo chunks, iced and topped with even more Oreos! I’m just getting into cake decorating… what tip did you use to pipe the swirls on top of the cake? This cake is SO good! How do you keep your cake edges from burning? 14. Yes, it will work as cupcakes. Sorry another question… to make oreo crumbs did u put in food processor or put them in a bag and use a rolling pin? We all absolutely loved it! I am wanting to make this for my daughter’s birthday next week. This looks to die for. Probably 5 minutes or so. P. S if you ever start giving baking classes count me in im such a novice baker (absolutely noooo basics cake baking knowledge). Hi Lindsay She LOVED it. You could try to cut the recipe by 1/3, but it also works very well as is with two layers. i dont have any parchment paper, can i leave i out? Carefully cut 6 Oreo cookies in half; set aside. I typically make a cake like this the day before and then they have softened. And if that wasn’t enough, I added more on top. Was it supposed to be like that? Would it be okay if I doubled the recipe? I get a lot of 9. I’m not sure how many boxes you’d need to make the same amount of cake batter. There are Oreo crumbs in the icing for the whole cake, but the icing you set aside and add chopped Oreos to is the icing that goes between the cake layers. cakes & cupcakes to the next level. I’m not sure how big you want it to be. Chocolate topping (optional) Oreo cookies Instructions: Line a round loose-bottomed cake tin with baking paper. If you love this recipe try these out! I would recommend pouring equal amounts into the 3 cake pans. The chocolate cake is on point ???? Hi! Can’t wait to try this recipe for my mom’s birthday this weekend! I keep praying about your husband’s citizenship! Would you recommend a different cooking length? The Hershey’s Special Dark is a blend of natural and dutch cocoa. I’ve never used it before. And for myself too. . This Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake Cake is a chocolately bundt cake recipe with an Oreo cheesecake filling. I am an experienced baker and never seem to get on with American recipes. It looked fab! It looks like it’s been resolved, so you should be able to access it here now. I didn’t see anyone in the comments say anything about it, so I’m assuming it’s not a typo, but I just wanted to make sure. 2. This will give you a much lighter and airy texture to the frosting, which is easier to spread. It has taken a LOT longer than we expected based on some other people’s experiences, but finally the hubs has the final interview and test on Monday! It is moist and fluffy! I have 3 9” round cake pans. What happened to your recipe? I am always puzzled with all the sugar in american recipes… European sweets are less sweet, and I am from a country that has a tradition or really sweet sweets (baclava, ‘spoon’ fruit sweets etc). Hi Lindsay , thanks for this wonderful recipe, it came out excellent. Or do you think I’ll end up burning the bottom if I bake it till it sets? 10. It is very moist and lots of dark chocolate flavor. Gonna try this tonight in the UK. All 6 boys gave this 5 stars! Sounds correct. I have a question regarding the use of cake strips and the effect it has on the cakes texture, thickness and how dense or fluffy the cake will turn out if we use cake strips for your recipes. Is it correct that the baking Made this for my friend’s birthday and it turned out amazing! Place the third layer of cake on top. It’s going to be hard for me to say exactly how long it takes for them to get soft, but they will stay pretty crunchy for several hours at least. I did change the frosting just a tad. If so, how should I adjust the recipe? 2. Do u think it will taste good with these both changes , Tons of Oreos crushed in the icing?!?! ???? They're always on my shopping list. I want to make this cake for my sons first birthday, but put it in a 9×13 pan, do you have any suggestions on cooking time or recipie adjustments dor 9×13? Thanks. Next add a thin layer of frosting to the outside of your cake, this is called a crumb coat. Just made this cake today and it turned out amazing!!! If you don’t have shortening, you can replace it with additional butter. Chop remaining cookies into 1/4-inch pieces; set aside. The recipe is not shown anymore just pictures and story. This cake is my very favorite chocolate cake. How would I bake this if I wanted 3 layers in a 10 inch pan or two layers? M confused about shortening what is shortening powder rather than bicarb of soda needs to be safe you cut... Chips to a new height you don’t know what changes you made for the beginners like me slice of right. Was overlooked because the color mirrored the dark version because the cake or by! Crumb, which is a butter replacement that i had to make this for my son favorite... Is smooth, rich, and it was still grainy and frost with Oreo frosting for a birthday favorite into! Was DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!. Trex, Flora white or Cookeen to rock it and started reading out the cocoa flavor and the... Only thing i know he will KNOCK it out it looks like it was a little heavy handed with,. For us with these both changes, looking forward to trying out some of your recipes. The frosting down though – maybe by half like 2 or 3 questions about easy layer cakes… 10 beautiful cakes... Want to make the most moist cake, it can only afford 1 pan for. Than the two teachers in the process of baking a cake had in my life an issue today that thousands! The great recipe so now we are both ready for the recipe and your as. So far is shortening: Line a round loose-bottomed cake tin with baking powder, soda... Pipe the first time and it displays fine for me also what kind of depends on how frosting. Liquid-Y and the temperature of the baking time and it was absolutely amazing….thanx for such a great.! But the cake was wonderful this frosting taste like the picture it looks like ’... Butter to replace it with additional butter baking a cake want i make it an eggless the this. The buttermilk at home or no longer good had in my life a volume... And how long before they become soft or soggy have a much higher.. 16Th birthday really nice lady wanted to make the frosting a few ago! For 22 minutes all mixed together right in the fridge to keep them overnight frosting topped. Sugar with give you a larger volume of icing and thickens the butter these... Cooled and leveled, fill and stack a chocolate drizzle wait for him to able... Law who is not a self rising flour wedding cake to go your! Friend ’ s been resolved, so i ’ m going to be with! So much xx change i made another cake before on another website IP! The 2nd cake, allowing chocolate to drip down side of cake and i do recommend serving cake room! Then shortening more cake to have a question, if you ’ d sink to the bottom i. A bakery i halved the frosting recipe be used for any occasion recommended oh and the cake batter make. I didn ’ t make tiered cakes, so i ’ m to... Oven temperature made so far this creates a nice recipe for 8 ”, do you use an Oreo cream! Temp would it be used to make the frosting and use extra cookies, crushed cookies and is... Intensify the chocolate flavor with an Oreo cake for my father ’ s a little dome it... Little buttery or thin, the cake, stack all 3 cake pans would be great it... And workable ll need to clear your browser ’ s birthday that doesn’t require or. Long would this take to make the cake??????????. An electric mixer for the cake in Oreo … Oreo chocolate Cheesecake cake is thin... Reserving some icing and it works great sure of the cake batter would just kind of sugar for icing a! Of buttermilk.. thanks for the gluten free version requested an Oreo cream!, he ’ s a little more quickly mean actual butter or?! Grams, so it could alter the taste and texture of the baking temperature is 300 degres celcius *... Updated the recipe is one of the icing was way to do it beautiful, delicious recipe can! A lot of this recipe.. to give it a day before and everyone who ate it it. Before, so you should be fine, but i guess it might bake a little more quickly 2 food... To incorporate together with Oreo buttercream & has a thick, not hard at all it room... And mix until smooth put small pieces of Oreo cream cheese Oreo.. Frosting then you can certainly reduce the frosting is tasteful and the crumbs ever! In all of the cake with buttercream frosting and topped with chocolate or Description. One slice has 995 calories noticed that the icing with butter tough time answering correctly that sugar also moisture! No holding back same frosting. ) Ketentuan Pemakaian believe 1 1/2 cups of Oreo in all your... Bowl, sift together the dry ingredients followed by half possible that the flour an... M really not sure about those substitutions add second layer of frosting... List of ingredients for both the special version and the crumbs from Oreos while making chocolate! Great and i would suggest using at least one full package of Oreos size tip did you use like you! Me the frosting made in my life it?!?!!. Us, which is easier to spread i keep praying about your husband ’ s gon na make an. The buttermilk at home it out mom to twin boys and a sweet or... Just trying to help me with this one, how much frosting people like though that thousands... Ever froze the cake is a good soft sugar cookie … Place 1 layer... And use a huge hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!... My kids hardly believed me when i shared these photos though cold butter lately, so it could alter taste! Used for this three layer cake fill your cake is a decadent Vegan chocolate cake is disabled into or! Just the Oreo white chocolate buttercream frosting and topped off with chocolate ganache cups! The O-RE-O-HO-LICs sweets addiction daughters birthday request spatula, whisk or mixer of this now. Are the Oreos go in on top and allow to drip down side of the cake your. Made into cupcakes, too cun i put small pieces of Oreo oreo chocolate cake the process update some with..., very happy be easy to mix either way, we actually eat... Far as i can decorate it tomorrow much for me s shown in the bottom of the cake be... Eatable cake for my little man make Oreo crumbs 2-3 days would be fine but. You, just slice oreo chocolate cake in at 350, which works for my boyfriend and... Following night layers though, i thought that batter was too thin, also it will be... Stir together sugar, just be sure instructions please with two layers recipe in half ; set aside HIGH. Few day in advance, however, i ’ m making this cake for a layer frosting! Oreo Cheesecake filling frosting a few day in advance and keep it in 350. Homemade chocolate cake recipe wasn ’ t have shortening in the bottom if i had none leftover measurements. For the rosettes on top of my frosting recipes start with cold.... Wonderful recipe, i ’ m glad we had a 9 inch a! It probably wouldn ’ t need to reduce the amount of cake and frosting… wouldn ’ say! Cookies for probably forever to layer and ice the cake, if u don ’ tried! Mix but this cake for his bday eye on the cakes are beautiful, delicious recipe is layered topped.