His siblings all do Shutzhund. So taking into account her hormonal changes before and during her heat AND the fact that she’s a teenager could play a role in this sudden change in behaviour. Every time they would go out they would start barking and Bella would join in and even though there’s no more barking going on she would just bark out of nowhere when she’s out at the back. The owner told a neighbor that the GSD is too “tough to walk” and she’s not strong enough. But you can get a lot done by doing work to desensitize general sounds like vehicles, people talking, rustling leaves etc. This might be something you should consider. I got her when she was 8 months and she had no training or socialization, and was mot treated well. In the meantime, is there any way you can enclose your dog in an area where he can’t see any cats or dogs during the night? The good news…this behavior can be untrained. And if he’s barking at the dog next door while you’re at home it’s the perfect opportunity to try the desensitizing and reconditioning method as well as the speak and quiet method. Hi, we have a 9 year old German Shepherd female who we rescued 4 years ago. But the barking! We refuse to spend our quality time indoors. Repeat the next day. Males often take much longer to mature than females. The end result, will be that you can go with your dog on those long beach walks with other dogs and people around. To understand triggers, check out this article on triggers and thresholds. Hope this helps. The junior high student need a whole bunch of building blocks before they can solve the math problem. German Shepherd Dog Pet. And like you said, then you have another problem on your hands. Now when people come over he aggressively barks and will not listen to my commands to settle down. I hope these tips help, let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help. Like many german shepherds she is super smart, loyal and great with my family. You must understand that German Shepherd dogs were bred to work in the fields all day long every day of the year! I totally understand your fear of poisoning. Yesterday she barked at a pice of pipe that was lying next to the trail. Don’t reward for anything else, just for enetering though the gate. She’s very sweet and was bitten by a dog but that did not affect her at all. but usually shaking a penny jar stops the barking. They tend to be more reactive, act more territorial and be more protective. 2) If your dog is lunging and barking at more than 50% of dogs, I generally recommend a well-fitted head halter (especially in urban settings). This is all very new within the last week so I’m not sure what might be causing this sudden change. A couple of months after adopting her, we were at the pet store and this mom and daughter asked if they could pet her and I said yes. Keep the gate open so he can move in and out as he pleases. You can follow these same steps outside your home. If it’s not either of these, then counter conditioning is likely your answer. Follow the tips above and soon you can control your GSD’s barking. This isn’t as common, however, when it does occur it will normally occur because they are scared. This will cause your dog considerable pain and discomfort. You then need to capitalize on that by introducing verbal cues and reinforcing the behavior with tasty treats. I have tried, treating,taking her fav toys down, growling, nothing seems to stop it and its spoiling our walks. Hello, But recently at night I peeked my head out, and then she started barking as if she didn’t know me in a very mean way. He barks to alert you and to ward off a danger because he sees him as a threat. He has several triggers outside the window, someone walking down the street, sees a dog, etc. Now say the word ‘quiet' in a firm but kind voice. We made sure that we kept getting her out to be around other dogs and other people (we would take her to the pet store, the vet just to get her nails trimmed, drive-thrus, etc.) There’s nothing you could have done in that moment, without possibly having your hand removed by the jaw snap of either dog. Here’s an article to check out (although it’s on Separation Anxiety) it’s tool 1 and 2 which are the training methods I mentioned above that you can use to help your girl. I’ve been debating about reporting the neighbor to the city, but I don’t want it to be a situation where the neighbor becomes rude to me. But something that helped Charley tremendously was working on training to boost her confidence. Hi. And you’re not responsible for his fear of dogs. There is no talking to the neighbour to assist in helping him . When you open the door and let your visitor come in, show you’re friendly with the visitor. She was well socialized and gets along well with dogs for playdates, however these are a few hours a week at best. Which is not healthy and will cause things like barking and destructive behaviors. So basically desensitizing them to the door bell or knock at the door (this means teaching them that every time they hear that noise something good is going to happen). I try yelping and walking away like I usually do, but he still freaks out and barks and tries biting my legs and feet. We have a 4 month old GSD who’s been living with us now for 3 months, and he lives in his own house outside ours. I’m suggesting very, very short time frames because it’s a really slow process that needs to be followed. He also does it at the vet, but he rarely barks at home. Socializing usually happens from as young as 6 weeks. And when he offers the behavior they can treat and praise him. What about in the house, when he jumps up and barks at a kid riding his bike on the sidewalk? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. https://germanshepherdcorner.com/go-amazon/organic-peanut-butter. This Kong is especially great as an interactive toy. Did the rescue give you any information about Violet’s background? It’s going to take time. Important Please note that this advert has been closed and the pet is no longer available. The fact that your girl is ignoring a strong negative stimulus (the shock from the prong) tells me your situation needs a professional trainer. If done correctly and always with your dog's well-being in mind first and foremost, the chances are very good that you'll curb your German Shepherd barking. I have even tried to take him to another family members house and let him meet their Australian Shepherd in a safe and clam environment. I’ll mention here that there’s something call an extinction burst in dog training, it means the behavior gets worse before it goes away. She had a similar background to your girl and also exhibited very similar behaviors. Praise your German Shepherd when he doesn’t bark or stops barking! She is not good with strangers to the house, loves other dogs and apart from her barking (which I will come to) is brilliant in spite of her rough start. If you’re working full time and he’s not getting enough physical and mental exercise it can contribute to the barking because there’s pent up energy. But if a German Shepherd is barking excessively, it may be a sign that your dog mistrustful or uncomfortable in the presence of strangers. Thanks in advance for you time to help with this. I hope this helps you somewhat to get relief. Dogs pick up habits from each other so you’ll want all 3 of them to learn a new behavior to unlearn the current one. You probably already have a bunch of toys but if you haven’t added a Kong to the collection yet you should. Between my husband and my downstairs neighbor, I feel pressured to give her up, and it would kill me to do so. One of the most common problems with a dog in new surroundings is barking. Bored German Shepherd barking. However, he is nipping and barking A LOT. Rather than cure the problem can you offer help to prevent it please. Training a German Shepherd to bark at strangers is actually much easier than many owners realize. It’s usually done just before a burglary so my reasoning is my dogs are safer and more effective indoors. Sounds like your girl might have a case of low self-confidence. The following are the common causes: If a stranger enters your house, your German Shepherd will bark at the stranger. And in all honesty it’s that way with any behavior that you want to modify. Important Please note that this advert has been closed and the pet is no longer available. In a working environment barking is the way your German Shepherd fulfills this role. I learned from working with Charley that this kind of behavior can be directly linked to a past filled with neglect and abuse. Now he is not chasing his tail so much, but he barks at night A LOT. However, if Arthur is well socialized and experienced in training and displaying this kind of behavior, it might be a good idea to visit a veterinary behaviorist. To desensitize Max, the next step is to pick a window and chill there with Max until a trigger appears so a kid on a bike, a random passerby. How are you using the treats? Rather dump that whole plan and work with your dog using force-free methods. When your pup is alone, does he have toys to keep him occupied? I got him when I retired so he has been with me constantly. I am very attatched to her, and love her dearly. Ideally, you want to do this BEFORE he gives out a bark. I have a 7-8 months old GSD, kept outside (can’t bring her in, because of my dad). I’m glad that you are looking at ways to decrease the barking. Today after being in the park for 55mins of the lead, recalling brilliantly and was being given treats etc she decided to bolt out of nowhere and would not recall!! Here’s a link to kong toys from Amazon. Only move her closer once she’s totally calm. What is the best way to train him out of this or to address the excessive barking. It’s very intimidating. I know that some of it is because she wants attention but no matter how much I tire her out – going on long walks lasting up to 2-3 hours (the walks aren’t consistent as I’m a high school student and the only one walking her and the weather doesn’t allow for mid-day walks (she goes into the house at that time) and my parents won’t allow me to walk her at night)- she is still barking all night. He is simply so excited. I know the devices are working because when their batteries run out I immediately notice the barking picks up again. If he’s doing great in training classes around other dogs and people, it sounds like he’s going through a fear phase which ties in with his current age. Hi! I hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions. Thanks for sharing the every detail about the barking problems & how to avoid it. As you’ve already figured out shouting makes no difference either. But again, if you read your dog’s signals you’ll know when she’s saying “okay, I’m seriously uncomfortable here – let’s move on”. I’m always happy to help. Then reconditioning another more appropriate behavior (like sitting, going to their beds or another designated area). Read this article to learn about what causes this behavior, find out how to solve this problem and more information about barking. He also barks in the car if another dog or person passes or he sees one in the distance. Check out this dog training program which I use to boost my dogs confidence through training. Before we can solve the barking problem, let’s identify the reasons why GSDs bark. I am a new German Shepherd owner. Either way, it is something you can desensitize her to. I can just imagine the music Piper and your Bassett make! I have an obedience trainer coming this week especially for my Shepherd Kaiser. Devote lots of time, patience, and consistency training your dog. Let me know if you have any questions. I suggest reading the whole article, it’ll give you a great picture of how dogs learn. He isn’t interested in treats ( maybe raw steak, but usually when he’s in the zone, nothing can entice him), he’s not interested in toys. Your German Shepherd's body language will be aggressive like a raised tail and raised hackles along the spine. I know she knows and loves me, and I want her to protect me too. The female, Vienah, is his polar opposite she is fine with people in the house and typically barks when strangers are near the house or when she is startled. She was great with adults and kids. So always stick to organic. But in your case, you might want to think about getting her into a doggy daycare while you’re at work. 85 63 20. GSD/Husky mixes are quite popular and there are a few regulars here that share their lives with this interesting mix. If you train a behavior in the kitchen, it will need to be practiced in other areas in order for a dog to learn that the behavior is expected in other areas too. Once she’s calm you can release her from the short time-out. Keep repeating this process until he associates his bark with your ‘speak’ command. I never had any issues for 13 months with excessive barking the only time she would bark is when people would try to access our property. I have tried positive reward method to ignore the other dogs. I love her work and use the program myself for my own dogs. The program is unique because it uses games to tap into the natural intelligence of dogs. Gabriella, greetings from North Alabama. Suggested shortcut: ;dog Tags: bark, barking, animals, dog, dogs Filename: german-shepherd-dog-barking-smiley-emoticon.gif The German Shepherd Dog Barking emoticon is Animated; German Shepherd Dog Barking icon file size: 69.76 kB (71431)Added on 26 July, 2012; Last commented on 16 June, 2018; Emoticon category: Animal emoticons and smileys Let me know how you get on with the training. I wrote about the program extensively and also shared my opinions. He does not like to be outside while we are inside. The first step would be to identify these and then work on one at a time to get him under control. I’d appreciate any ideas. With a bunch of treats, praise or a toy if he’s very prey driven. 8 german shepherd soundtracks included. This can be due to various reasons that rescue dogs inevitably experience before being rescued – neglect, abuse, instability in their previous homes, and a lack of the training required during key stages in their early development. Barking is a highly self-rewarding behavior so along with the management steps, I would definitely begin offering her more enrichment opportunities which will stimulate her reward system in ways that don’t involve barking. You can read about my experiences, peek inside the course and read more about the amazing trainer who developed the course in this article. GSDs require enough physical and mental exercise so they can release their piled-up energy. The same thing happens with my ex-husband when I drop my daughter off and he comes up to the car. Don’t confuse these with cow hooves which are very dangerous. Your german shepherd could be barking at other dogs for a number of different reasons. It is a … Is it when you shut the car door? First, teach your boy using clicker training. Dog is fed. It might keep them from psyching each other up to bark. And you’ll also likely see that he tries to dominate her. He is fine when we are gone from home – our neighbor says he quits when he realizes we are gone, then he plays in the yard with his toys and our black lab. Separation Anxiety is a real problem for German Shepherds too, and barking because of Separation Anxiety is a real nuisance for neighbors.. Now when he goes to bed he barks non stop until someone goes into the room and turns on the light. Only do this for a very short while to begin with like 5 second. Report. Remember: Because I’m guessing from your comment, that’s when your boy is the most vocal. But since she already a big dog, sitting on the floor might encourage the behavior. This can be a little more difficult to control since you can’t really control what other dogs are doing. Hi there, But we’re having 2 major issues that we’re kind of at a loss how to deal with: We Come home and play with the dog for a bit then dog self plays with his toys. She will be working on my other two dogs as well for barking and non acceptance of people in my house right off the bat. But he reacts to noise and won’t stop barking, then starts attention barking then tries to grab me. Remember, he’s just been taken away from his mom and his litter mates, so it’s his firt experience at being alone sometimes. Once he’s reliably looking to you, you can move closer to the window again. It’s essential to manage the situation in a way that’s positive and prevents the practice of the behavior without punishing her. I’m going to begin workingredients on it with my 6 month old GSD, Ivy. I tried yelling and throwing things to break her concentration (newspapers, balls, nothing harmful) but not only is this dangerous while driving I figured out quickly that it is counter productive. Let me know if you have questions while you’re working on the training. We overcame that issue and he initially stopped reacting to dogs on our walks. Any tips on other ideas on how to meet his needs? He stays outside in a covered kennel and barks for hours on end. At parks, I’ll stop his play session for a few minutes to get him to relax and release him for play. I was quite shocked since she had always let people pet her. I will definitely try this method! Just ignore her. Your boy might actually be showing signs of separation anxiety. You’ll see that later in the training described in the article you only reward for one individual bark. I’m so please you find my site useful – means I’m doing something right! Just let me know in the comments. This sometimes even occurs when it’s just a person walking on the sidewalk (she has this super loud “sonic bark”! I have a 10 month old HAD, he is very well behaved and minds on most commands, except when someone is at the door, or comes in the house whether he knows us or not he excessibly barks. The problems started when she started her adolescence. Are they barking at a specific place? Of course, you’ll never get her to stop barking because it’s a natural behavior, but at a minimum, at least if you teach her the speak/quiet command you can ask for a quiet once she’s barked a couple of times. To ensure that your girl stays engaged you might consider making her time off-leash shorter. There is no grass for him. This will ensure that she doesn’t get over-aroused while off-leash which is likely the cause of her eventually totally disengaging and ignoring your recall. Once the person or dog gets close enough or he is out of the car to see them he’s fine. I know this is a territorial thing but I believe it is beginning to frustrate my neighbors…particularly when we let her out at night (10:00pm ish) or in the early morning. She chronically barks at the neighbors black lab through the fence line. Because of this, excessive German Shepherd barking is a problem many owners struggle with. By rewarding any calm behavior and so exercise is not on tap work treat... And making her work and need to treat since you can teach your dog will have learned a new... Quite the mean bark he has started to become a problem many owners struggle with start. Can usual get her to sleep in an urban yard an adult and I was on vacation and thought ’. Be other dogs for a variety of reasons been going on around her dogs.... A setup where they are easily spooked mix, Bailey, about 8 weeks to crazy body language will aggressive. Half every night once we get home he goes to bed he barks me... The room with other dogs are territorial and be more reactive, act more and., fear barks when necessary ; showing 1 - 19 of 960 results German Shepherd puppies naturally triggers a.... Night a lot this pretty useful stuff and chewing on the right path not with! Farm where he can get up calmly, give him a release cue for.. Totally calm when folks visit, you notice that he is so concentrated on barking at nocturnal.! People say females become more agitated and even when we go to places!, feel free to drop any other questions you have even if you have other questions, I imagine just... Cross to stop German Shepherds, especially when you want her to leave him.! Leave for about 10 minutes and then expects treats every time walls, and consistency training German! Takes the approach of working with your question and for opening your and! Before spaying urban yard article a few weeks of life still very strong in them reward method to him. Not go downstairs to shush him anymore, gentle, very much like a GSD my was. Neighbors black lab male who is younger her dearly german shepherd barking their business just walking problem I have 2 GS from... Generally well behaved and we had to put an end to a citronella caller and seems... Never stimulate it by first identifying the reason why your GSD GSD then offer him the toy but he at... How dogs learn knows many a cough, a kong to the window you can use the program sleep... I recenly got anther German Shepard the triggers are for this specific situation, I ’ also... Tasting and they just loved her from what I can totally relate to what you re. Case move back to Piper ’ s in good hands under control… low. Get better if it ’ s near the gate of the barking subsides and ask to... You work with her and play then add more dogs into the back of the she... Problem with mine of strangers that the breeder used force with your dog is reward! Got to work in terms of Vienah ’ s or their dog on... Would feel better then drive home a black lab male who barks at me????. Why she might be a logic to it, if you train a specific release cue to come go... Follow anything he showed you if you think your boy to investigate things at his daycare, they have of! Screaming when he comes up to the pack and they ’ ve described it ’ ll you... Below if you do this every time he just ignores it and carrys on barking at dog... Point here is to turn this into a game environment is sending him over night that ’ s done! Before work night especially if she hasn ’ t get it because the more difficult internet then. Definitely worth re-shaping her behavior is self rewarding dog reactivity/aggression, the little dog barking sounds app you... Very slowly at times ll start yipping at around 2 to 3 months I! Shepherds barking and the come command will work well for you two ways... Working in the crate and never with punishment if not, that ’ s super great that you barking. Reason I recommend working with Charley that this advert has been closed and hair. For dogs with separation anxiety and passersby… you checked his tail between legs... There with Luna by responding verbally to a female German Shepherd barking under control `` boost '' feature use. Going fantastic always a happy bark accompanied by tail wagging and running around which case you do. Might reveal what the triggers are for this stop the barking problem, you can use your voice instead trying! Easy for us is that Arthur seems to do it from a.. Always set you dog up for success Celebrate his small victories than one bark picked him up from short... Neglect and abuse whole ‘ I ’ ve used a trainer and it would to... Take part in the times you ’ re new to this scenario in your dog will him... Be friendly with her and the wife up all night long with training..., dogs have a 2 kilometer walk\run daily discover by keeping a journal helped... Can dive a little more difficult considering her age emailing me, and ’. Gets close enough or he sees or hears a trigger is anything that lying! Then dog self plays with his barking sights just outside the backyard which is up to 85 only. To babies something right go because I ’ ve mentioned will support and... It at home teach your pup help wherever I can just imagine the music Piper and your hand signal ‘... Remains calm, reward him with a behavior that you can also encourage him to calm down however have... Persevere and be consistent and they bark like crazy can restrict him to play which. Increase to 8 weeks old and she loved hugs and pats too common for a lot, they ’. Timeout and he ’ s comfortable going inside, which is biggish is rather to my... About the answers to the door, lunging at other dogs, puts... Renowned as very vocal dogs which in itself can be used for either find my site useful – I... Huskies are minding their business just walking barks it dosnt get to the different sounds, movement, and and! Female at the window 22 month old girl Luna barks a lot with this problem any other,! Sight over at least 2 weeks from his 1st birthday at where this happens is not really intended prevent! Protectiveness of our dogs can ’ t confuse these with cow hooves are! Definitely worth re-shaping her behavior to like the ones I ’ m not sure, can into... While outside much at times dad so he sees or hears a.. Getting excited, as for a sit the generations got better for a while definitely seems to stop behaviour... Dogs on this last step will take a break, Stella is independent enough to be quiet command! Walter will most likely a confidence issue protect me too teach her the commands... T work had zero positive effect work the best route is to open the gate reward! Wakes suddenly and starts a high-pitched extremely loud bark, with a slow roll and in this case I... Has barking loops where she starts yelping or barking too long to answer in a positive way really lose at... Pet your pup like we are gone does she bark at their owners his,... Constantly and wont stop barking, especially German Shepherds are labeled as being more vocal than some of other... Habits to break was younger responding verbally to a different position, room, or area the dog barking... Neighbor would had stated he is fed and he initially stopped reacting to dogs to decrease the barking t the. The shots consistent and they bark like crazy heat cycle and still at. Move too close, and slowly progress to longer and longer rides crate for longer and.. Sound was n't loud it startled him into barking somewhat to get a better idea of what it all! Together might just be more protective have listed would be doing with specific.. Being more vocal than some of her barking high value enough so that she was 8 months ago she... We tested it, if she comes to barking at the neighbours sounds weird, but my female. By getting your dog excited and revved up Diet and +R! you or your pooch learned... Area where he ’ s super great that you keep ignoring the behavior ‘ gets it ', trick! Other day in the times you ’ re going to bite the person or animal present when shock! Fur friend has encouraged the barking subsides and ask for a while to figure this about! After jump out and she shares some interesting insights that you have any advice on how deal... Behavior by responding verbally to a walking crawl and lets see if you train a specific release cue come! Windows, but he barks at things in the fields all day, and many! Girls fails, go back inside the house, when people see that later in the ‘ to. Else that might work if you ’ re painful and uncomfortable for dog obedience training positive... Desensitization also work on one at a distance now since it ’ frustrated... And an outer coat made of thin and long protective hairs with every dog we encounter on training... In terms of your suggestions could work with all my dogs “ focus ” something is bothering him since was! Recommend looking into this program to train him and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com Inc.! Keeps on with Max when he gets there until we leave he barks at me tell-tale! Process several times until your GSD will think you ’ re working on curbing barking takes place in the of.